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    Generating a dymanic HTML table

    Charls Cross Newbie

      I need to generate a Html table in my JSF/XHTML screen. I created three classes:

      Ceil(contains the td atributes width, colspan, etc

      public class Celda implements java.io.Serializable{

           private int width;

           private int height;

      Row(contains a HashSet of ceils)

      Table(contains a HashSet of Rows)

      In a session bean I've create a Table instance with all the rows and ceils, and export it with a factory method.
      The problem is that I can't reach the table.row.ceil.width
      or I don't Know how to. I try this:

      <ui:repeat value='table' var='tb'>

      <ui:repeat value='tb.row' var='rw'>

      <ui:repeat value='rw.ceil' var='cl'>

      <td width="#{cl.width} height="#{cl.height}>

      Any suggestions??