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    How to develop a WebServiceClient correctly?

    Ulrike Newbie

      Currently I’m using Apache CXF (XFire) for accessing some Seam services. I managed it to maintain session state of one service, but I need some further help with different services using the same session.
      A usual scenario would be following:

      • a registered user logs in (name, pwd) – AuthenticationService

      • invokes some methods of Service A

      • same with other methods of Service B

      • user logs out - AuthenticationService

      How do I pass the session-state from one service to another? If CXF was the wrong choice, I have an open mind about using something similar.
      How can I keep the current (web service) session till the user logs out?

      I’m able to simulate this using the test.xhtml of the seambay example, but I would prefer Java classes to JavaScript for accessing the service.