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    jBPM console in seam

    Ali Reza Mohseni Newbie


      I want to write a jBPM console via seam framework.

      How to i can get process form (generated in developer) in seam??????

      in faces-config ,if i use


      then a form to be load but doset save and signaling , but if use


      dosent work seam componets such as buttons but form can save values and navigate(signaling).

      form example in login form when i clicked in login button authenticate method called but the page doset navigate to home.seam!

      what i can to do?
      tanx to all

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          Ronald van Kuijk Apprentice

          A seam based console is being developed within jBPM. It currently is in jbpm.3/bamconsole. Gravel will not be used there. It still is  minimalistic, but will grow over time.

          If you want to use the generated (and maybe changed) forms just for the sake of having versioned forms, I'd look at implementing this completely new and without gravel. Maybe you can even contribute some back to the 'new' console.

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            Ali Reza Mohseni Newbie

            tanx ronald

            bamconsole is not still for signaling to flows , it  now developed just for reporting and query .

            i used jbpm4jsf and gravel just for forms . i wand my console can show form that users made it and without coding.

            anyway tanx for your reply.