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    Advice on a custom initialization of Quartz in Seam


      We want to use Quartz for our asynchronous tasks.

      Currently, the Quartz engine is reading it's properties from the seam.quartz.properties file that must be present on the classpath (see method annotad @Create in org.jboss.seam.async.QuartzDispatcher)

      We want to give the name of a specific file to Quartz not on the classpath instead of the default procedure (pls don't aske me why..lol)

      What are the options to do this?

      It seems that the only solution is to create a clone of the QuartzDispatcher class, extending AbstractDispatcher and replacing only the @Create method with our code and also change the @Install aanotartion to @Install(value=false, precedence=DEPLOYMENT) .

      We can't just extend this class as the scheduler attribute is declared as private with no accessor to it.

      Is there another way?

      Should I create a JIRA to ask for that feature? ie either make the scheduler attribute at least protected, or provide a way to give the quartz.properties file in a different way?