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    Design Question regarding Scangun input use case

    System Administrator Expert

      are there any Seam example apps that implement a use case like the following?

      a single dataTable with 3 columns per row, 10 rows.  user scans barcodes with scangun and then submits up to 10 rows by clicking on submit button.

      how do I achieve this in terms of Seam design?  also the insert would be to 2 different tables in this case.

      typically the use case for a form is for a single row only (e.g. booking example).  if the use case has a dataTable that is based on a @DataModel outjection from a SFSB, and the user simply inputs/edits a single inputText box per row for rows that are already existing in the table(s), then you can use @DataModelSelection to determine which row(s) they are attempting to update and proceed with the EntityManager merge() in a transaction if required, etc.

      This is for up to 10 new rows (insert only).  How to solve???