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    Seam2.0 iText example bug (can not display CJK)

    Sean Wu Newbie

      Hi all,

      iText example of Seam2.0 has a bug of displaying CJK(Chinese, Japanese,Korean, etc). In the demo of Font selection, it will not display the Chinese, Japanese and Korean as expected.
      To fix this bug or mistake:

      1. Download itext-asian.jar and copy it to Seam examples/lib directory
      2. Add itext-asian.jar to the seam.pdf.jar fileset of the build.xml file under examples directory as itext.jar does.
      3. Build and deploy the itext example and now it will work with CJK, you can see they are displayed in the Font Selection demo.

      BTW, I found that Seam examples included itext-asian.jar before but I did not know why it was removed.