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    seam and the drools rule-agent

    Jannis E. Newbie


      the topic http://www.seamframework.org/Community/BRMSIntegrationQuestion didn't solve my Problem how to integrate the rulebase- into my seam application.

      In component.xml i'm defining the rule-base that is in my local application:

      <drools:rule-base name="creditRules">
         <drools:rule-files>                 <value>/creditRules/creditRules.drl</value>

      And the managed-wroking-memory to be used within my seam application or my jPDL processdefinition:

      <drools:managed-working-memory name="creditRulesWorkingMemory" auto-create="true" rule-base="#{creditRules}" />

      But what to do, if i want to use the rule-agent ?
      To conigure the rule-agent i added the following to the components.xml:

      <drools:rule-agent name="testRules" 
                         configurationFile="/WEB-INF/deployedrules.properties" />

      The deployedrules.properties looks like that:


      Do I have to change the working-memory to :

      <drools:managed-working-memory name="creditRulesWorkingMemory" auto-create="true" rule-base="#{testRules}" />

      And is it possible to pass Serialized Objects to the Drools BRMS ?

      Thank you