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    Populating date property from three form fields

      If you want to allow users to enter a date, but using three dropdown lists (for month, day and year) rather than a popup calendar component, how can you do this conveniently in Seam?

      I ask because the domain object has a property of type java.util.Date called date, but there are three different form fields that go into the population of that field. Is there a 'Seam way of doing it' or would my action method need to simply create a Date object, set its values to those values obtained from the three form fields, then set it to the 'date' property?

      I like the convenience of Seam's s:selectDate but is there an already-built way to render it so that it renders as three form fields and not a popup calendar?

      And would there be a way so that the value of an existing Date property could correctly display the values of all three fields on the page (month, day, and year)?