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    Problem with entity not getting data on 2nd page of pageflow

    Todd Nash Newbie

      I have a registration page that I split into two pages due to its length on the browser. I am using jBPM to navigate through the registration process.

      If I stay with the one page to capture the registration data, the entity is populated with the form data just fine. However, if I split the registration page into 2 pages and add the navigation from the first page to the second, The second page does not populate the entity when the button is clicked to submit the form.

      The backing session bean method is called from the second page, but the entity only has the data from the first page.My trace indicates that the methods on the entity are called from the second page with null values.

      I have


      on all of the methods of the session bean that are called in my transition actions. I don't get any errors showing up.

      In my jsf pages I am not using an EntityHome.instance.method but rather entity.method to capture the data from the page.

      Using Seam 2.0.1GA on Jboss 4.2.2 with facelets and Richfaces 3.1.3