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    Using Ivy to resolve Seam dependencies from JBoss Maven

    Kahli Burke Newbie


      I've been trying to utilize Apache Ivy to track external libraries including those provided by Seam.  I'm not a huge fan of Maven, I guess I haven't wrapped my head around its model, but I like the idea of not checking specific versions of libraries into subversion.

      So I started experimenting with accessing the JBoss Maven repo.  I was able to access the Seam library, but I quickly ran into an error that I believe is related to the POM for Seam.  If I look at the Seam POM, the packaging is listed as:


      Again, I'm not too familiar with how to set up POM files, but I believe this makes Ivy look for something ending in '.ejb', and I run into an error when resolving the dependencies:

      [ivy:retrieve] :: problems summary ::
      [ivy:retrieve] :::: WARNINGS
      [ivy:retrieve]           [NOT FOUND  ] org.jboss.seam#jboss-seam;2.0.2.CR1!jboss-seam.ejb (87ms)
      [ivy:retrieve]      ==== default-chain-jboss-maven: tried
      [ivy:retrieve]        http://repository.jboss.com/maven2/org/jboss/seam/jboss-seam/2.0.2.CR1/jboss-seam-2.0.2.CR1.ejb

      I looked around for some way to configure Ivy to workaround this problem but I couldn't find anything.

      Is there any interest in utilizing Ivy within the Seam team?  Pete, I noticed a post you made regarding Ivy and Maven and noting that you liked the dependency tracking but not the build system, so I thought you might have done some work on the POMs.  Is there a reason why the packaging is specified the way it is?  Is it simply a mistake?  Is it really a problem with Ivy, not the POM? I think for now if I want to use Ivy I'll need to set up a local repository and change the packaging to 'jar'.

      Thanks for any insight,

      Kahli Burke