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    Why doesn't rich:tabPanel always cause Hibernate to get all the data?

    Jim Barrows Newbie

      I have a tab panel that displays a master object on the first tab, and then each of the lists the master contains on the other tabs.  Each tab allows the editing of a list of objects.
      The table containing the list has a link that allows you to go to the detail page to edit that row.
      The first I click on the tabs, the data is there.  If I click on the add button ( ands:button...) it takes me to the form, I enter data hit save, and then click on done, which is another s:button with propagation equal to end.  This button takes me back to the tab panels.  However, when I get there and click on any of the tabs, the lists aren't populated.  I can see in the logs where hibernate is only fetching the master object, but not any of the other lists that the master contains.
      This looks like a Seam issue because when I use an h:commandButton, it works just fine.  However, I can't get the links in the list to work right.  The first one you click stays around, even after hitting done.
      What am I missing?