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    Simple interceptor isn't getting activated

    Eric H Novice

      I'm trying to write my first interceptor.  I have the interceptor written but it's not doing anything.

      Here's what I've got:

      import java.util.logging.Logger;
      import javax.interceptor.AroundInvoke;
      import javax.interceptor.InvocationContext;
      public class MyInterceptor {
          private static final transient Logger logger =
          @AroundInvoke public Object test(InvocationContext invocation) throws Exception {
              logger.warning(("HELLO MY INTERCEPTOR INVOKED AT: " + new java.util.Date()));
              return invocation.proceed();

      So, a very simple interceptor.

      Now my user class:

      public class User {
         private String name;
         // setters and getters for name
         // and also an ID

      Then I use a Seam component, introduced with a @Name annotation, to persist it, like:

      @Name("userManager") public class UserManager {
         @In private EntityManager entityManager;
         public void saveIt() { entityManager.persist(user); }
         // etc

      Now, I have a form that uses a h:commandButton to do the saveIt.

      You would think that MyInterceptor would get called somewhere and I would see a log message, but nothing is showing up.

      Any ideas on how to get this simple interceptor to show up?