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    Simultaneous Ajax Hibernate Validation And Rerendering

    Neil C Novice

      I have a class called OrderItem which is annotated on its units property with Hibernate Validator as follows:

      @Table(name = "ORDER_ITEM")
      public class OrderItem {
         @Column(name = "UNITS", nullable = false)
         @Min(value=1, message = "Need 1 or more units for each item.")
         public BigInteger getUnits() {
            return units;

      Meanwhile, on the front end I have a table of these OrderItems, and the units property is editable in a text box.  When the text box is updated, I want either of the following to happen:

      1. Make sure the value in the text box is greater than 1 and if not display a faces message

      2. If the value is valid, then update two other parts of the table that contain totals.

      Here is the portion of my facelet that describes this:

                  <th type="text" jsfc="h:inputText" value="#{orderItem.units}" id="unitsBox">
                     <a4j:support event="onblur" reRender="unitsBox,orderItemTotal,orderTotal" />

      The totals get updated just fine with a valid value.  However, when the value is invalid, nothing happens.  Not until I do a conventional submit and return immediately to this page do I see the faces message specified in Hibernate Validator on the OrderItem entity.

      How can I get the validation done Ajax-ly along with the totals?