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    Seam, the singletons and Glassfish

    Arthur Tew Newbie

      Glassfish executes within a single jvm. I have no idea what other application servers do so on that I can not comment. I have multiple web applications deployed on the app server, they all use seam.

      Problem is that they are currently stepping on each others toes, mostly because Lifecycle and ServletLifecycle are both classes that have static variables and methods i.e. only 1 instance of the variables that are held in the vm. The application variable is especially vulnerable as everytime a SeamListener instance is created it is overriden.

      The problem also manifests when a single application is undeployed and the variable is set to null. All the other applications fail at this point. Is there anything I can do about this with the standard code base ?

      I have refactored the code to store these variables in the servletcontext and this seams to have solved some of the problems I have encountered.

      Also I would like to thank the developers of this framework as a enjoy using it. It has solved many problems and I am looking forward to new releases.