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    conversation Back button issue

    Thiagu Mariappan Novice

      Hai everyone

      I have problem with IE back button
      I have the product listing page (data table with ajax filter) in my project and also the user can select one of the Data model and view it in a separate page.

      The functionality is similar to Similar to the seam Hotel booking Example.

      After refine my filter I choose one of the data model, then I hit the browser back button, I can’t get my refined filtered result in IE but the same code works fine in Firefox.
      I saw the same problem in seam booking Example, but they use the alternative conversation back button.

      I have three problems with conversation back button.

      One is, If i use the conversation between those page I cant use the page fragment cache(s:cache) in my product listing page.

      The other one is I need to implement the Restful URL in my project. So I can’t use the conversation between those pages.

      The final one is I have some static pages link in my product listing page. So I need to but the conversation back button all the static pages too.So I don’t like the conversation back button , is there any other way to fix this issue ..
      Please help me how to resolve this problem..