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    My quest for the super-AJAX form

    Eric H Novice

      I'm trying to build the ultimate AJAX-style input forms for my new web application, and I have a simple question.

      I've got a simple fill-in form with text fields.  These have validators.  I'm using <a:support onblur to re-render each field when it blurs, therefore displaying validation messages as soon as the user is done with the field.

      Here's the question.  What I want is for the submit button to not be active at all until the form is completely valid.

      In other words, on the submit button, there should be a disabled="#{formInvalid}" somehow, but I don't know how to do that.

      Any ideas on doing this?  Also, any examples of the right way to do a form with AJAX-style field validation?

      By the way, my validators are simple stuff, like, is it a valid email address, that kind of thing.

      Thanks for any ideas.