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    Problem with page navigation (dropdownmenu)

    Stephan  Gerth Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm new to SEAM (2.1.0).

      1. I have generate a new Seam-Projekt with seam-gen.

      2. It seems that there are some files missing. Eclipse told
         me that this is no Seam-Projekt.

      3. I can not generate the entity because Eclipse find no
         Web-Module ???

      4. deploying and running works.

      !!!  Okay but my main problem is this:

      I have a dropdownmenu with menuitems that calls two seperate pages. I cannot switch between the two pages through the two dropdownmenu items.
      The firstly selected page cannot be changed by selecting the other menuitem.
      I can switch between these seperate two pages only by going back to Home by pressing the 'Home' link and than select the other page from the dropdownmenu

      I have searched the hole internet about my problem but without success.

      any ideas????

      many thanks

      1. i have tested a few things. This is the last stand.
         with a MenuActionBean instaed of a direct call like 
        action = "/view.xhtml/"
      2. I don't know how i can debug these xhtml files?


      <rich:menuItem  value="Kunden" submitMode="server"
                    id="mainMenuKundeID" >
      <rich:menuItem  value="Personal" submitMode="server"


          <page view-id="kunde_view">
                  <rule if-outcome="*">
                      <redirect view-id="/kunde_view.xhtml"/>
         <page view-id="personal_view">
                  <rule if-outcome="*">
                      <redirect view-id="/personal_view.xhtml"/>


      public class MenuActionBean {
           public String actionKunde(){
                System.err.println("--> actionKunde aufgerufen");
                return "/kunde_view";
           public String actionPersonal(){
                System.err.println("--> actionPersonal aufgerufen");
                return "/personal_view";