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    Application architecture question: single or multiple WARs

    Andy Conn Newbie

      I am building a very large internal web system for custom ERP applications.  I am also rather new to web development so I apologize in advance if this is too newbie of a question.

      I am using ejb3, jpa, seam and richfaces on Jboss 4.2.  DB is MySQL.

      My question is:
      1) Since this is an integrated system, does it make sense to accomplish this through a single WAR file or should I make every attempt to modularize into different WARs?

      If different WARs are suggested:
      2) How do I manage SSO (single sign on) in seam or otherwise?

      3) How will SESSION be managed as the user transitions from 1 war to the next?  Will it just timeout or is it better to somehow explicitly end it to force release of SESSION variables.

      4) This system is integrated, so it is very likely that 1 module will be accessing data from another module.  On the backend, do i just maintain a single .JAR for my EJB3 session and entity beans?

      5) Any other major considerations?

      Thanks alot,