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    Seam GWT remoting, gwt 1.5 array issues

    darren hartford Expert

      Seam 2.1-Snapshot (4/25/2008), GWT 1.5M2, jboss 4.2

      Although this is not a detailed report, just documenting some findings:

      Seam GWT remoting:

      standard datatypes - working great

      send/retrieve non-annotated pojo/DTO - working good

      send/retrieve non-annotated orm.xml entity beans - working good, known isues with java.util.date/java.sql.date.

      Send/retrieve non-annotated pojo/DTO arrays - failures

      send/retrieve non-annotated orm.xml entity bean arrays - failures

      The error unfortunately is the generic 'IncompatibleRemoteServiceException' that I've seen in the past, and the application is not out-of-date.

      future testing not complete:

      send/retrieve annotated JPA entity beans.

      send/retrieve annotated JPA entity bean arrays.

      send/retrieve annotated JPA entity bean generic collections.

      Not sure if GWT 1.5 has changed the RPC for arrays, just an fyi.