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    Conversation propagation and AJAX

    Eric H Novice

      Here's the situation:

      I'm working on a simple contact us form.  In most cases, users will land on it with a simple GET request, by getting to it from a book mark, search engine, etc.

      So when it gets landed on, there isn't a conversation in existence.  So I put in contact-us.page.xml:

        <begin-conversation join="true"/>

      Ok, so a conversation starts.  But then I have <a:support> elements in it, which do partial-submit to validate parts of the form.  And of course, the AJAX submits don't know the conversation ID so each one starts a new conversation.

      Is there a solution to this?  What would make sense would be to somehow put the conversation ID as a parameter for the AJAX submit.  Any ideas on this?

      Or am I doing something totally wrong here?