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    Dynamic Menu from database

    Viktor Rees Newbie

      I want to create a menu dynamically by reading the menu items  from database. The following code sniplet works quite  well, except that the Menu collapses after each click on an menu item:

        <rich:panelMenu  mode="server" expandMode="server">
           <c:forEach items="#{appMenu.menuItems}" var="item">
             <rich:panelMenuGroup label="#{item.textValue}" >
                <c:forEach items="#{item.childs}" var="child">
                  <rich:panelMenuItem submitMode="none">
                     <s:link view="#{child.htmlLink}">
                       <h:outputText value="#{child.textValue}"></h:outputText>

      I tried several variations:

      • instead of <s:link> i tried

      <h:outputLink value="#{child.htmlLink}">#{child.textValue}</h:outputLink>

      Result was an incorrect url:  http://localhost:8080/AppUserList.xhtml
      instead of http://localhost:8080/AdaptTemplates/AppUserList.seam?cid=109

      • Instead of <s:link> i tried

      <rich:panelMenuItem label="#{child.textValue}" value="#{child.htmlLink}" submitMode="server">

      Result: Menu items get rendered as hidden input fields  instead of Links to seam views. 

      Can somebody help?