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    T Rixom Newbie


      I am struggling with the removing of an entity using


      The problem is that when I call the function i can see the entity has been removed from the EntityManager, but the actual SQL command has not been issued.

      Only when I log out (close the conversation) or start a nested one do I see the actual sql command being executed.

      Any ideas?


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          T Rixom Newbie

          BTw, this is the code in the xhtml:

                                                  rendered="#{not parentList.managed}" />

          This code is part of a dataTable that iterates through a Set of users.

          The delete function is located in the EntityQuery used to get the ResultList of users.


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            Joseph Nusairat Newbie

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            Try explicitly flushing the call after remove.

            It's probably waiting till the transaction has ended to do it.

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              T Rixom Newbie


              flushing the entitymanager resulted in a notransaction error.

              The problem is a similiar problem to what I have been having with Seam. If you change an object and then use this object (in another list fr example) before it can persist the delete is nullified.