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    Problems regarding CONVERSATION

    Vikram Chhetry Newbie

      Hi All,
      I have 2 problems.
      Let me explain my problems.

      According to my use case the CRUD of every USER is done from single screen only.
      My screen will be loaded with a grid which will contain informatin about the USERS with some action buttons like update,delete in front of every USER.
      When I click on update button a modalPanel appears with a prepopulated form.
      When I update the value the modalPanel will hide and will rerender the main grid
      and changes made should be reflected on grid. Same while adding the entity details,
      currently added USER should be added in the grid.
      But when I add or update any USER grid does not update.

      All the actions are done in a session bean which is in CONVERSATION scope.
      'UserArrayList' which contains USER's information and eventually populates the grid is object of DataModel.
      I am injecting entityManager for my queries(@In EntityManager entityManager).
      When I add or update any USER I call the same method which initially populates the UserArrayList but still nothing happens.

      When I reload the screen the changes are refleted.


      What are ways of finding out if the conversation is destroyed.
      One way is to use destroy method. Is there any other way to find out.

      I dont have any idea about the problems.

      Any help would be appreciated.