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    Pageflows, h:commandButton and s:button

    Andy Gibson Novice

      So I'm in a page flow, and I'm been having problems getting around some parts of it, some buttons trigger transitions while others don't. I've made it real simple and used the following :

      <h:commandButton action="updated" value="h:command update" />
      <h:commandButton action="updated" value="h:command update (immediate)" immediate="true" />
      <s:button action="updated" value="s:button update" />

      The h:command button doesn't transition.
      The h:command button with immediate set to true does transition
      The s:button does transition.

      The pageflow is active and working, the fact that some buttons work verifies that. I'm just wondering whether I missed something where pageflow transitions don't work for h:commandButtons (even though the documentation claims they do)?


      Andy Gibson

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          Ronald van Kuijk Apprentice

          the immediate=true on the h:button does not validate the params while submitting the form. The s:button does not submit the form at all. This leads me to the conclusion that there is an error when submitting the form. Put an h:messages on the page to see if there is some info

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            Troy Tarrrant Newbie

            I am also experiencing this. Essentially I can't get any h:commandButton actions whether immediate or not to trigger page transitions. The only thing that seems to work is s:button.

            I have a test page with two buttons, one an s:button the other a h:commandButton both with the same action but only the s:button triggers the transition.

            Looks like a bug to me. Was there any reason for this occurring that I am missing?

            Seam 2.1.0.SP1



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              Sverker Abrahamsson Newbie

              Hi Troy,
              I think I'm seeing the same problem, the form is not submitted nor the action method is called with h:commandButton.

              Were you able to find a solution?

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                Troy Tarrrant Newbie

                Hi Sverker, I did not solve this, I ended up redesigning the application to not use page flows in that instance. I also had a look at the number guess example application and could see that it had a h:commandButton in a page flow. I was going to tear that application apart and understand exactly how it works, but I never got around to it, I changed my design to not use pageflows for now, although I have started to use them again and I'm running into a problem where it seems you can't use page params in page flows :(

                It's all good learning! Good luck with it :)