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    Booking demo back button problems?

    Mirko Nasato Newbie

      Hi there,

      I've just started looking at Seam, beginning from the booking demo.

      Now, the problem is: that demo doesn't seem to behave as expected when using the browser back button.

      After registering, search for e.g. 'Manhattan', then click 'View Hotel' on the first hotel, then click 'Back to Search'. Now click the browser back button, redisplaying the previous hotel page, and click 'Book Hotel'. It shows the search results page.

      Shouldn't it display the hotel booking page instead? I thought that was the whole point for having that not very pretty conversation id parameter in URLs.

      This is with Seam v2.0.2.CR1.



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          Mirko Nasato Newbie

          Fine, it's explained later on in the tutorial. Clicking 'View Hotel' starts a conversation, but clicking 'Back to Search' ends it, and

          If, after ending a conversation, you backbutton to a page of that conversation and try to perform an action, Seam will detect that the conversation was already ended, and redirect you to the search page.

          Still, it's not a very good example from a user experience point of view.