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    Render issue for null entity from join fetch

    Dan Dosch Newbie

      I have an entity that references another entity (but it can have no reference)

      I have a page that displays all of the first entity, and the second entity if there is one.

      The query is:

      select a from Addresses a
      left join fetch a.associatedVendor

      The associatedVendor is going to be null sometimes. This is ok.

      I tried to make it so that when the associated Vendor is null, it would simply not render, but that did not work.

      I get an error that says

      Unable to find com.company.project.entity.Vendors with id 10

      This is the relevant xhtml

      <rich:dataTable var="eachAddress"
             rendered="#{not empty allAddresses}">
                <h:outputText value="#{eachAddress.associatedVendor.vendorName}"
                           rendered="#{eachAddress.associatedVendor != null}"/>     

      How can I go about displaying the associatedVendor when it can potentially be null/non-existant