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    share clasess between SEAM EAR and war

      I am developing a system based in two web apps. First app is deployed as a WAR, and second (a Seam WebApp with ejb) as an EAR.

      I need to share one custom class between both. The first I did was to test sharing a simple Long and this worked fine. But now I am trying to share my customClass and I am getting cast exceptions. I think I'm having classloading problems.

      For share my object I have one simple JAR (with just one customClass) inside server/default/lib jboss folder, and I put it into two projects to compile them. The customClass is used from WAR and from EJB-PROJECT.

      Any idea?
      I know that the class is being loaded from different classloaders and this is the problem, but I don't know how to solve this.