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    Wierd Login Issue

    Kishore R Newbie

      Env : Suse Linux/ JBoss-4.2.2/ Seam 2.0.1

      I am seeing a situation where a user is unable to login successfully the first time he submits his username/password and gets redirected to the login page. The second submit works fine.

      Specifically this happens when a user sits idle for a while after the login page is loaded in the browser. Then when the user hits submit from the login page, the request does not even make it to the authentication layer, rather it gets redirected to the login page. What seems to be happening is that the session with the JSESSIONID identifier expires on the webserver and the user is thrown back to the login page after creating a session with the same JSESSIONID identifier. The second submit now goes through fine.
      I've verified this with the booking application which is bundled with the framework and it works the same way.

      One workaround for this is to put a javascript function which does a dummy request to keep the session alive.

      Am I missing some configuration settings? If not, Is there a more elegant solution to this problem?

      Thanks in advance.