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    Problems with @DataModel and @DataModelSelection

    Luis Felipe Vanine Salles Newbie

      Hello Everybody!

      I am using a @DataTable and a @ DataModelSelection to fill a table of a page on my Web application
      In the same page I have a button that creates a new object to be persisted in the database.
      The problem happens when I want to create a new object by clicking this button.
      By clicking on it rather than run a new Object () which is within a method of a service, the object is filled with the first object of the list.
      In my bean, the List that fills my table noted with @ DataModel (ScopeType.Page) but remove the scope page when it works normally.
      Someone went through this kind of problem?
      I am using Jboss Seam 2.0.1GA, Rich Faces 3.2.0 GA and JBOSS AS 4.2.

      Thank you!