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    View doesn't render model data sometimes

    Fijai Cairo Newbie

      I have an application in development that uses stateless actions to create event scoped model objects using the xml data retrieved over http from another application.

      Rather frequently, the views will not render the data in the model objects even though our logs indicate that the request and creation of the model objects were both successful.

      No exceptions are thrown and the logs we get are identical to the logs spewed in cases where the view behaves properly and renders the data as expected.

      Another related issue we've been experiencing is that after changing values in the form and resubmitting, the view displays data from the previous request even though our logs show the new data.

      I'm running seam 2.0.1GA, on JBoss 4.22 with facelets,JSF RI 1.2 and a sprinkling of richfaces 3.1.2.

      I have no hair left to pull out :-)