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    Example Seam Portlet and JBoss Portal ??

    James Ladd Newbie

      Can anyone point me to a good example and/or tutorial on using Seam in a JBoss Portal environment?

      Rgs, James.

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          James Ladd Newbie

          Ok I found and installed the Portlet Bridge example and at first it looked like the combination is not really a portlet, but a window.
          Then I modified the page layout to have another portlet on it and then another instance of the Booking app and now it looks and acts a little more like a portal.

          I'm worried that some of the other portal abilities won't be available to the SEAM application, like knowing when the Portlet has changed it window state and things like edit mode.

          Can anyone confirm what Portlet features are or are not available to SEAM based apps using the portlet bridge ?

          Rgs, James.

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            Ben Bender Newbie


            i am looking for a simple portletbridge example too. Can you give me a link to your example or post it? I also read the getting started tutorial. Now, i try to run an simple seam application as an portlet? But it's tricky right now ... i got a lot of exceptions. So i need a simple working example.

            greetings, bender