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    SEAM startup and lookup of pageflow-2.0.xsd

    Richard Hardy Newbie


      We successfully run SEAM 2.0.0GA on a JBOSS 4.2.2GA server.

      This JBOSS server sits in aan intranet behind a proxy server, and normally, we enable the server to have access to the internet by setting the Java VM options for proxy server and proxy port.

      However, recently, we set an application up on a new server that we did not want to give access to the internet.

      When we did this, we found that JBOSS paused a couple of times during its start up. After more investigation with a network monitor, we found that SEAM was making two requests to the XSD:


      Because we had not setup the proxy, the requests were timing out and delaying the startup.

      My understanding was, that as long as we use the latest xsd files (v2.0) then SEAM should look locally instead of accessing the internet. Is this really the case? If so, why is it not working as expected in this situation, and is there anything I can do to force SEAM to look locally first?

      Thanks for your help,