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    A couple of questions

    Zahid Maqbool Newbie

      Sorry guys I jus have a couple of questions, I cannot find the answer to them or maybe I am just dumb/confused.

      What is the right way in seam to handle form data. For e.g at the moment I am using EntityHome. But I have seen that every time the form is posted and if I need to perform some really complex validation, I get the data on the entityhome class, but the variable gets updated even if the validation is failed. This happens when we are editing some already existing row in the database. Form fields are directly mapped to entity objects just like the examples in Seam Reference. For this I have used a validator to perform all this. But My form has 120 fields and I am really really confused as my code is growing large and large. What would be the best way in such a scneario to handle form data. Since I am coming from a struts backgroud I am used to those action classes and stuff like that. Here I dont really know what is the best approach. If anyone of you can guide me on this it would be really helpful.

      The other question is that if any value is posted to Entityhome and say validation fails and it sends back to the form, is there a new conversation created for it. Cause in this case when it post backs to the form I see it everytime calling the createInstance method.

      Finally what does the @Factory annotation do, I cant get what it does exactly. 

      If anyone requires any code, I can give but i am using jsut the exampes in seam reference. With them also I am noticing the same behaviour. Is it expected to work that way.