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    Starting a convo, depending on the user agent

    Eric H Novice

      Here's a strange question:

      I have some pages that have a begin-conversation command in the pages.xml file, so that a conversation starts immediately upon a GET request.  I need this functionality for these pages.  In fact, I want all visitors to the site to have conversations so I can use the conversation to log which sequence of pages they browse to.

      This is fine, except that all my pages get a cid=4484 type parameter added to them.  I don't want search engines to see that.  In fact I never want to start a convo for a search engine visitor; it makes no sense to do that.

      Could anyone provide some hints on how to approach this?


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          Pete Muir Master

          I guess you could call an action on entering the page which uses the FacesContext to examine the user agent (assuming it adds a header to the HTTP request), and then programmatically start the conversation if needed. No easy way to do it from just XML. You could file a feature reuqest for an if attribute on <begin-conversation /> (etc.)...