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    Seam in action

    Vinicius Carvalho Newbie

      Hello there! Two days ago I've bought this book and so far it has been one of the best acquisitions I've ever made. It just made into the if only I could have 10 books :)
      Dan, if you are out there, thanks! It gets really clear for me now the Seam internals (or almost, I still have a few questions :) ). All the state diagrams are REALLY, REALLY helpful. This is a most have :)

      Ok, now that I'm here, I would like to ask one question:

      I've got the book 2 days ago and made until chapter 8. One thing that I still did not get was when using SFSB as my actions, where does seam stores the conversational variables? It seems on the book, that it always get stored inside httpsession, if so, why should I use SFSB anyways?

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          Dan Allen Master

          I will answer this question here, but for those reading the response, if you want to see book-specific questions answered, you should post them on the Seam in Action forums (or else I might never see the question).

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          Moving on, the default scope of a SFSB is conversation. Conversations are stored in the HTTP Session, but in an isolated region that is managed as a conversation. Don't confuse the word session in SFSB with HTTP session. They are different things. The session in SFSB just means that it is not terminated until removed by the client that is holding on to it. Putting it in the long-running conversation allows it to survive over a period of requests. In the old days, it was stored in the HTTP session, but now the preferred way is to use the conversation.