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    binding rich:toolBarGroup

    Mauro Velasco Newbie

      Hi, I wish to create a binding from a rich:toolBarGroup, using:

      rich:toolBarGroup id="idMenuOptions" binding="#{menu.menuOptions}"

      In the server side I have:

      public HtmlToolBarGroup getMenuOptions() {
         HtmlToolBarGroup toolbar = new HtmlToolBarGroup();

         return toolbar;

      I suppose returning HtmlToolBarGroup I could get the toolbar component rendered, but instead got the message:

      Component j_id10: idMenuOptions not instance of org.richfaces.component.UIToolBarGroup

      The HtmlToolBarGroup class extends UIToolBarGroup, inclusive if I return a UIToolBarGroup interfaz type got the same message.

      Could some of you guys give me a light about this..

      thanks in advanced.