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    Instantiating core seam components in java

    kristjan slomsek Newbie


      i have just started seam and have on question regarding dynamic component instantiation in java backingBean.

      I am trying to create user's menu  dynamically according to the loggedin user's role. Problem is that page design (as designed in php) demands custom build html for menu items.
      (div, a, div, /div, /a, /div)

      If I didn't get the idea wrong - i should compose that custom menu item component using some classes from taglib package (divtag, linktag, ...) - but this is only available in jboss-seam-ui.jar. So, seems like I cant instantiate those, or is possible?

      I was looking over some tutorials covering custom components  creation, bu seems that I might have the same problem on instantiating it from backingBean.