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    JBPM task list within long running conversation

    Kevin Taylor Newbie

      I am having some difficulties incorporating the todo example into my application.

      The only difference between between the supplied code and my own implementation, is that the tasks are displayed on a page which is already within a running pageflow.

      When I try to call the method to instantiate the @StartTask annotation, I get an error message stating that Begin is being called within a long running conversation and suggests that I try @Begin(join true) on the method. I have tried this(and other routes) to get the task to start, but have exhausted my options.

      Note that the task instance is created fine using @CreateProcess annotation.

      Any help would be appreciated

      Whilst on the subject, is it possible to pass the task details to a new page, and if so how is this best achieved?

      And is the task/tasklist visible by an easy mechanism in the backing bean?

      Thanks for any assistance