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    need complex Seam jBPM example app

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      I downloaded and looked at the Seam in Action source code.  Unfortunately, there are only projects/examples for chapters 2, 3, 4, 6.  So nothing on jBPM integration AFAIK.  BTW, be careful as it took me a while to fix the configurations to point to the proper directories in the ant related files.

      I looked at dvdstore and todo examples from Seam2.0.1.GA and they don't seem to involve use cases with more than one actor.

      For example, a loan advisor will input a prequal for a client and then the processor or underwriter will complete their task for the same client/record.  So there's multiple actors with at least one task each in the business process.

      Is there any Seam/jBPM code out there that demonstrates this?

      In Allen's book,


      is defined as:

      Spans multiple conversations for multiple users as controlled declaratively by start and end states in the business process definition file.

      I'm looking for a how-to or example on multiple conversations for multiple users.  Something more like a workflow engine example that jBPM is probably capable of.