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    To SFSB or not to SFSB?

    Vinicius Carvalho Newbie

      Hello there! I've always believed that using SFSB and Seam would be the best choice. But after reading Seam in action, I'm not that sure anymore.

      For instance the whole Open Session in Conversation pattern seems to be better managed by pure seam components instead of SFSB.

      I have already post a similar question (no answers though). I'm struggling when it comes to use pure seam components of EJB enhanced components.

      Few points that are making me move away from the EJB:

      - I won't be able to use it outside Seam anyway :(
      - It seems (or I did not understand) that having a SFSB does not prevent the object to live on both session and sfsb lifecyle

      Points that make me go towards EJB

      - Webservices
      - I like EJB3 :D

      Could someone give me some hints on this?