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    Conversion and validation for page parameters without model binding

    Stephen Friedrich Novice

      I expected to find a Long in page context for this page parameter:

      <param name="productId" converterId="javax.faces.Long"/>

      However in page context there's only a String like 922 while there is a Long 922 in event context.

      The reference (section 6.3) is quite lacking here.
      All relevant info I could find was:

      You can use page parameters with or without an action method.

      Seam sets the value of the named
      request parameter onto the model object, after performing appropriate type conversions.
      If just the name attribute is specified then the request parameter is propagated using the PAGE
      context (it isn't mapped to model property).

      So where does the event context come into the play and why is there an unconverted value in page context?