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    Can't get rid of page parameter

    Stephen Friedrich Novice

      I use two different request parameters to have bookmarkable URLs for a product or for a product group.
      When I was still manually picking up the values from the request parameter map it used to work fine, except that after login redirection the request parameters were lost.

      I followed suggestion here on the forum to use page parameters instead:

              <param name="productGroupId"/>
              <param name="productId"/>

      Now I had the much more severe problem that the parameters were always present and survived each request, so after I first selected a product I wasn't able anymore to select a product group instead.

      I tried Contexts.getPageContext().remove(productId), but that had absolutely no effect.

      A workaround I learned while browsing source code and debugging:

      getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().getAttributes().remove("org.jboss.seam.PAGE$" + requestParamName); 

      Bug or by design?

      (BTW I don't really understand why redirect.captureCurrentView can't simply capture request parameters, also.)