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    How can I store old value before update?

    Karel Jelinek Newbie

      I have some functionality that allows me to activate / deactivate user.

      I have User class

      public class User implements Serializable {
       private Boolean activated;
       public Boolean getActivated() {
              return activated;
       public void setActivated(Boolean activated) {
              this.activated = activated;

      and home object for user (UserHome class)

      I would like to know, how can I store old (active/inactive) state of user, before somenone set it to active or inactive.

      For example:
      I am updating active user and setting it to inactive state. So I call UserHome.update() method to update this user and in this method I can read only new value of user state. I don´t know if user was before in active or in inactive state. I need to react only on changes of user state
      inactive to active and
      active to inactive.

      So I need to know in which state user was before update.

      I tried to set some help variable in UserHome class by calling help method before rendering view. This variable was setted right, but it was delete after I call update method.

      I think there exist some simple solution