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    Seam's @Converter on superclasses doesn't work

    Gena Batalski Newbie


      the following problem occurs by using the Seam's @Converter facility.

      The converter is correctly registered for some abstract superclass. But if it should be called, the seam tries to find the proper converter for the concrete class. If it doesn't find something, it delegates the conversion to the JSF. The JSF tries to resolve in this case the inheritance path of the concrete class. At this place JSF doesn't find the converter for the abstract superclass.

      I think, the seam doesn't register converters annotated with @Converter to JSF. The solution could be either the propagation of converters to JSF (nice, but it could be not so easy to implement) or the Seam should try to resolve the inheritance path to find the converter in an analogous to JSF.

      If i register the same converter for the same superclass within the faces-config.xml it works as expected.

      Thank you