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    Demo site unusable without javascript

    Tom Jonsson Newbie

      I tried the Seam demo (http://www.seamframework.org/Documentation/RunningSeamExamplesWithApacheTomcat)
      and was very disappointed to see that when I disabled the javascript the demo site became useless since the button Find hotels did not do anything.

      Is it just the demo that is bad or is it really possible that a framework can be so popular as Seam seems to be without such a basic feature as letting a button be clickable by non-javascript clients ?

      If the framework indeed supports buttons that are clickable by non-javascript users for buttons, I would like to know if the framework also supports standard links with href:s to http get url:s or does the framework rely on the post method being used, i.e. are the links generated with javascript links (onclick's triggering http post) ?