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    Problem with dataTable inside dataList

    Jane A Newbie


      I have a dataList with a list of results, and for each result I have another list of child objects which I display in a dataTable.
      The child objects can each be edited and then the page submitted.

      The rendering of the lists is fine, the problem is that when I submit the page, the data binding does not seem to work as I can see that the values entered for the objects are all null.

      Here are excerpts from my code:

      <t:dataList value="#{overviewBean.otherResults}"
          <div class="resultsDiv">
              <t:outputResults value="#{results}"/> 
                  <h:dataTable value="#{results.questionsForFollowUp}" var="progress"
      rendered = "#{results.displayProperties.followUpAvailabland results.questionsForFollowUpSize > 0}"
                              <t:div rendered="#{progress.deadlineSet}">
                                      <h:outputText value="#{progress.deadline}">                                                      <f:convertDateTime type="date" locale="#{msg.locale}"                                                     timeZone="#{msg.timeZone}" pattern="#{msg.datePattern}"/>                                                                                                               
                              <t:div rendered="#{!progress.deadlineSet}">                                               
                                      <t:inputCalendar  value="#{progress.deadline}" renderPopupButtonAsImage="true"                                                         renderAsPopup="true" popupTodayString="Today is"                                                                   popupWeekString="Wk" monthYearRowClass="warning"                     weekRowClass="warning" currentDayCellClass="warning"                                                           rendered="#{progress.action.deadlineRequired}">
                                                                                             <f:convertDateTime type="date" locale="#{msg.locale}"                                                                                   timeZone="#{msg.timeZone}" pattern="#{msg.datePattern}"/>                                       
                    </t:div>                                                                                     </h:column>
      <h:commandButton value="Save" action="#{overviewBean.saveQuestionProgress}"/>

      My save method in my backing bean is as follows:

      public void saveQuestionProgress()
                      for(OtherResultView view : otherResults)
                              for(Questionprogress progress : view.getQuestionsForFollowUp())
                                      log.debug(" action = "+progress.getAction().getActionName());
                                      log.debug("saving progress with deadline = " + progress.getDeadline());                 

      Can anyone please provide some help on this issue?