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    How to invoke a Seam Component from a plain JMX MBean or EJB

    Jonathan Fields Novice

      Hi All,

      Newbie question...

      I have some Seam Components that I'd like to be able to call from a thread launched in a JMX MBean in JBoss. The thread implements a hot folder, parsing files dropped into the folder, and updating a DB via the Seam Component.

      Since I cannot use injection in the MBean to get a reference to the component (it's not a Seam Component or an EJB), what is the best/correct way to obtain such a reference? Can I do a JNDI lookup as I would for a plain EJB?

      Same question for a plain EJB (non Seam Component). Can I use EJB injection to get a reference to the EJB that underlies the Seam Component.