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    JBPM context problem

    asaf sh Expert


      I start a JBPM process and outject few vars into the process using Seam @out annotations,
      When the process get persisted using @CreateProcess I can see the variables stored in the DB just fine,

      Later on when I resume the process suddenly most of the variables just disappear from the DB,

      Seam somehow modify them and deletes them, I'm not sure why but it might related somehow to the fact that I invoke mehtods within the same bean which created the process when resuming the process,

      More to say, sometimes these attributes are gone and sometimes not,

      p.s I tried to add @In for each of the properties I outject to the process but then the variables are doubled in the DB (this is also an unexpected behavior, why should they get doubled?)

      What could be the reason for that?