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    JavaScript woes with intercepting onSubmit form event

    Andrew A Newbie

      I stumbled across a new captcha by Microsoft today, Asirra and I thought that I would have a play with it.

      I have been able to embed it into a Seam JSF page (I'm running Seam 2.0.1.GA), call the service from the form onsubmit event triggered by a JSF commandButton, and capture the callback.  I then attempt to do a JavaScript document.forms['myForm'].submit(); and the message vanishes into the beyond.  When I remove the onsubmit interception, the form works fine.  I'm not that strong with my Javascript, so I'm at a loss as to where I should be looking next to resolve this.

      Admittedly, I'm not providing much in the way of diagnostics, but I don't really have much to go on.  Any thoughts on why the message just disappears or what I can do to investigate further?  I have included the Seam debug in the page just on the off chance...  I also have FireBug running and it is not reporting any issues. I'm not so concerned about getting the Captcha working, but more want to understand what the behaviour is, in case I encounter a similar scenario with something else.