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    Strange behaviour with Richfaces suggestionbox

    Andrew A Newbie

      This is the wrong forum, but I figured while I'm on here...  I'm running RichFaces 3.2.0.SR1.  I'm not sure if it is something I have done wrong in my configuration, of if it is the nature of the toolset.

      When using the suggestion box, if I select something with the keyboard, up/down arrows and hit Enter, it captures the selected item and displays it in the target field, replacing whatever had been typed up to that point.  But if I select an item with my mouse, I'm left with only what I had typed up to that point.

      Before I go off to the Richfaces forum and create yet another online account to report this behaviour, I thought I would ask if anyone else has noticed the suggestion boxes behaving this way?

      The other odd behaviour I have noticed, and again it could be my configuration, after I have triggered a suggestion and then moved out of that field, I cannot go back and trigger a new suggestion in the same field without refreshing the page. Again, has anyone else noticed this sort of behaviour?